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The boil with hops in the brew bag.
The boil with hops in the brew bag.

I’m a beginner home brewer and started making beer in 2009. I stick to making beer with kits and experimenting with them. This blog is to help me keep a track of what I’ve done and hopefully help someone who is at the same level of home brewing as me. At the moment, I haven’t the time to take home brewing to the next level but hopefully I will in the near future.

My favourite kit so far is the Brewferm Diablo and least favourite kit was the Youngs Yorkshire Bitter kit.

I run Wed and Data Ltd, a web development and online marketing company based in Coventry, West Midlands. Current clients include Acorn Printing the t shirt printing company.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi mark, like your blog – as a fellow coventry bloke i wondering if you’ve anywhere local you’d recommend for buying a keg of ale for home consumption?

  2. Hi
    Great informative webpage,You have to try “Better Brew” ales which come in bags as opossed to tins,they are made by Hambletonbard,around £12 from local stockists,i made Irish stout at 4.8% was delicious,cramy thick head froma barrel,12 days in the FV and 10 days in barrel,leave indoors for first week like ALL homebrew kits then store in cooler place like shed or fridge or just a colder part of the house for a week or so “longer if you can” and perfect,i added 150g of dextrose to barrel for secondary fermentation and so far i havnt had to use any co2 and im down to last ring on barrel…I also made there IPA and added 500g Tate,n,Lyle golden syrup,500g dark spray malt and 500g Dextrose and S.G reading was Alc. Vol 6.8%,just barrelled off today..Made a Wilkinsons Hoppy Copper Bitter ( at £10 with FREE brewing sugar is a bargain) so had to give it a go…Next time you do a stout use 500g of Treacle and dark muscovardo suger along with dark spray malt,will be near 7% with great body and flavour…Enjoy..

    1. Thanks for your comment, I like the idea of the stout, is dark muscovardo suger hard to find?

      First time I’ve heard of the Better Brew – I’ll give them a go. I did one of the Simply beer kits by Richies which worked out well.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Just happened across your website, only been brewing myself since December 2013 but like yourself I just want to try new things. My most successful brew so far was ‘Woodfordes NOG’ to which I added coffee beans and cherries 24 hours before transfer to the pressure barrel. Less successful was my attempt to add half the required water to a lager which ended up heinously strong. I also got lucky stumbling into Wilko’s during the half price sale and have just now added fresh mango to the fermentation bucket in preparation for the transfer to the pressure barrel tomorrow. Apple and mango cider – I’ll give you an update when I know how it has turned out. Your site has given me some good ideas for my next brew which will be another lager, so keep it coming!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the comment! I like the mango and cheery ideas, I’ll try them on my cheap wilko’s beer kits. If you ever want to write anything about your brews I’d happily post them on this website.



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