Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits

Home brew is certainly getting mainstream, I’m seeing home brew kits and equipment popup all over the place at the moment, one of the latest is the Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits I spotted at Firebox. You can get 3 types to brew at the moment:

  • Chestnut Brown Ale
  • Chocolate Maple Porter
  • Everyday IPA

Each kit contains: Gallon Glass Fermenter, Airlock, Tubing, Thermometer, Tubing Clamp, Packet of Sanitizer, Stopper, Blowoff Attachment, Instructions, and Bottle Labels.

It will only make about 10 beers so it won’t take you long to get through a batch and the refills seem quite expensive.

I remember talking about home brewing popping up in places like this and Tescos with an owner of an home brew shop and he was quite positive about it as he hoped it would get more people into home brew which then would lead to them coming to his shop. These kind of kits will certainly encourage people into home brew.

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