BrewDog Beer

This post isn’t about home brew but thought I would give the guys at BrewDog a mention. Their beer is excellent and really different from the mass produced crap you find in the supermarket of off-licence, if you see it in any of the supermarkets give it a go, even better try the beer that is only available in their online shop.

My favourite beers are Paradox Somekehead, Toyko, Bitch Please and Zeitgeist.

Be warned they’re pretty strong beers but really nice to have after a long week!

Keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook accounts as every now and then a coupon code will pop up!

If you order a few bottles online you might get a BrewDog bottle box, as a home brewer this is really useful to reuse and store my own home brew bottles in.

brewdog beers


brewdog bottle box