Brewferm Orange Bock

Brewferm Orange Bock and Grand Cru

A couple of weeks ago I bottled a Brewferm Orange Bock (12 litres) and Grand Cru (9 litres) bought from BrewUK, who I would buy from again in the future. I’ve not done the  Orange Bock before so I’ve stuck to the instructions with this one. I haven’t adapted the Grand Cru despite having done it before.

Making the Grand Cru went ok but I misread the instructions on the Orange Bock and added more water than the Brewferm instructions state, about 4 litres extra. I think some complacency set in after doing several of the Brewferm kits.  Hopefully,  it should just mean that the beer made is weaker. I’ve added more sugar when bottling the beers to make up for the extra water. Hopefully they’ll be ready by the end of the summer.



Brewferm Ambiorix Update

ambiorix home brewI’ve been drinking the Brewferm Ambiorix the past couple of weeks and its really good! Not too strong. Tastes like the Belgium beer you can buy in the supermarket, not sure I will be able to put some away for a few months to allow it to ferment further.

Its well worth noting that the sugar you need for primary fermentation is just over 1kg which almost caught me out. I used 1kg of dark candy sugar and 75g of normal brewing sugar.

Definitely recommend this beer kit.

Will take some pictures and upload them soon.

Brewferm Kriek – Cherry Beer

Brewferm KriekJust bottled a batch of Brewferm Kriek, I made 16 bottles but could have got another 2/3 bottles out of it. Bit annoyed with myself with that but it was too late in the process to start sterilising a few more bottles.  This beer kit makes 12 litre, I should have prepared better!

I thought I’d give the Kriek a go despite its more expensive that the rest of the other Brewferm beers.  I got my from my local brew shop Brewgenie for £25. I did the Brewferm Framboos a couple of years ago which was really impressive.  The brew was very red in colour and smelt fruity as you’d expect.

Its recommended that secondary fermentation is 3 months, so heres waiting till the end of September.

Brewferm Ambiorix

I’m back up and running with the home brew for this year.  I’ve just bottled 24 bottles of Brewferm Ambiorix just 1kg of dark candi crystals.  The secondary fermentation takes 2-3 months so it’ll be June before I give it a go but during the bottling I had a quick taste and it was very nice. Should be a good one for the summer.

Also got a Cooper’s IPA in the fermentation bucket at the moment, that should be ready soon.

Diablio gets better

It’s Sunday evening and trying to do some work and send out a few emails, thought it would be a good idea to crack open a bottle of Diablo, which I bottled at the start of May, as it has been a few weeks since I last sampled it.  It hasn’t yet improved my workrate but it certainly tastes better, as recommended on the beer forums the longer you leave it the better it tastes. 🙂