Festival Beer Kit

Father Hooks Bitter Festival Beer Kit

I few weeks back I did a Father Hooks Bitter Festival Beer Kit, its taken me time to write it up but finally have some spare time! I’ve not adapted the kit in any way as its the first time I’ve done one of these kits and you get to add hop pellets into the beer unlike most kits. I’ve never added hop pellets into a brew before.

The instructions are very clear and you get everything you need, even the priming sugar and a net to capture the hop pellets to prevent them from going into your keg or bottles. The instructions recommend taking the beer from the fermentation vessel to another bucket with the priming sugar in, this does make it a touch easier rather than adding sugar to the bottles. Can’t believe I hadn’t though of this before!!

The beer has been left a few weeks now and it is a good bitter to drink, I’m sure it will get better over the next few months too. Not sure what the hop pellets have the beer but it’s good. When you pour a glass there are some pellets that have come across where I could have been better at stopping them going into the bottles but they won’t harm you, but other people drinking your home brew might think its odd! I’ll add a photo later when I have a beer tonight!

I’d certainly do another Festival Beer Kit in the future (porter or strong ale) but at the moment they are a bit expensive at around £24 for me to mess up with some random experiment! I’m still trying to get through my cinnamon stout I made a couple of years ago! Can’t bear to throw beer away!

[schema type=”recipe” name=”Father Hooks Bitter” author=”Festival” image=”https://www.beerzombie.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Festival-Beer-Kit-580×435.jpg” description=”Big malty body with wonderful orange marmalade character, the malts are perfectly balanced with hop bitterness Hops:- Bramling Cross, Apollo” ingrt_1=”Premium Liquid Malt Extract” ingrt_2=”Genuine Brewer’s Yeast Strains” ingrt_3=”Hop Pellets Addition” ingrt_4=”Priming Sugar” instructions=”Kit weight :-3kg Makes:- 40 pints / 5 gallons ABV Approx:- 4.6% Finishing Gravity Approx:- 1.009 Fermentation time:-7 days approx Conditioning time:-4 weeks Fermentables required:- None Required Priming Sugar: Included ” ]


festival beer kit instructions blurred


festival beer kit instructions


Festival Beer Kits

festival beer kitsI received one of the new Festival Beer Kits for Christmas made by Ritchie Products. Really looking forward to starting the kit as each kit contains 3kgs of Malt Extract, brewers yeast that matches the beer and a sachet of hop pellets. This will be the first time I’ve used hop pellets so should be fun.

There are 6 types of Festival Beer Kits and are priced around £24 depending on where you shop.

  • Festival Premium Father Hooks
  • Festival Premium Golden Stag
  • Festival Premium Landlords Finest
  • Festival Premium Old Suffolk Strong Ale
  • Festival Premium Pilgrims Hope
  • Festival Premium Pride of London Porter

There’s not much on the official Richies website but an image about the kits.


[schema type=”product” name=”Festival Premium Father Hooks” brand=”Festival” manfu=”Richies” price=”$24.00″ condition=”New” ]