Make your own ginger beer

Make your own ginger beerIf you’re going to make your own ginger beer that’s alcoholic of course, I highly recommend using Cooper’s Ginger Beer Kit. It’s easy to make, you just need 1kg of sugar and approximately 35 bottles or a keg.

The results are a really good ginger beer that tastes just like the ones you find on the high street shelves but a lot cheaper!  The alcoholic content is about 3% takes about a week in the fermenter then a further 2-3 weeks secondary fermenting in the beer bottles.

I’ve made the ginger beer in a keg last summer but not being able to easily chill the keg made the bottling a better choice.

Cooper’s Ginger Beer

Coopers Ginger BeerTook a trip to Brewgenie in Hall Green, Birmingham, UK, yesterday and picked up a Cooper’s Ginger Beer and a Brewferm Triple beer kits and some nice Young’s swing top bottles.

Today I got the Ginger Beer (£10.95) up and running, it was a straight forward, going for the alcoholic version, which should be about 3.5% and make 20 litres of ginger beer.  I need to decide now whether to bottle it or put in a keg.

1KG of sugar, 18 litres of water and yeast were needed for the fermentation.

Pictures of the process are here:

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