Peach Schnapps Home Brew – Results

Here is the the final result of the Peach Schnapps, the kit made about 6 wine bottles in the end, I half filled some bottles so I could give a couple of bottles to friends.

The taste is very sweet and takes a lot like peach schanpps you could buy in your local supermarket, although not quite as nice and definitely not as alcoholic. I’d certainly do this kit again, but with the range that is produced by Prohibition I’ll try some other kits before coming back to this one.

The last process was fairly straight forward, I cleaned my equipment and used a large bucket –

  • Moved the liquid from the demijohn to the fermenting bucket
  • Added 500 grams of sugar
  • Added the peach schnapps flavouring
  • Syphoned the peach schnapps into the wine bottles

peach schnapps bottled

Adding Chitosan – Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 4

Its been one day since I added the kieselsol and it was time to add the Chitosan to clear the liquid. The demijohn was starting to clear after 24 hours, with the liquid a grey colour and black sediment at the bottom.

The chitosan comes in a packet and you just add it to the demijohn and gently shake it for 20 seconds. Nothing happened but now I need to leave it for 3 days . Will see what happens!

Adding Kieselsol – Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 3

After 3 days of shaking you’re meant to add the packet of kieselsol and gently shake the demijohn for 20 seconds. I was slightly late in doing this and it was more like 5 days so I hope its ok. Nothing much has happened but I add the first packet of chitosan this time tomorrow. Hopefully the peach schnapps will be ready this time tomorrow.

Kieselsol is a clearing agent, more information about kieselsol here.

Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 2

The Prohibition Peach Schnapps has been in the glass demijohn for 3 weeks today, the bubbling has well and truly finished so it was time to move on to part 2 of the process. This involves charcoal and stabilizer.

The first step was to syphon out the Prohibition Peach Schnapps from the demijohn to a clean container, I used one of my beer brewing fermentation buckets. You need to leave the sediment in the demijohn and take as much liquid as possible. Syphon the Schnapps back into the demijohn.

Once the Prohibition Peach Schnapps is back in the demijohn you need to add the charcoal and stabilizer. Make sure you shake the charcoal in the packet as much as possible so there are no lumps. Once you’ve done this add it to the demijohn.  I used a funnel to add the charcoal which worked well. It can be awkward to get the charcoal out of the packet and into the demijohn.

Once the charcoal is in add the stabilizer. It would have been easier if I didn’t use the funnel for this.

Once you’ve done this, put the bung back in the demijohn and thats it! You will need to shake the demijohn on 6 separate times over the next 3 days before its time for part 3 of the process. A fairly easy process, just make sure everything is clean!

Here is a picture of the Prohibition Peach Schnapps just after part 2, it just looks grey!

Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 2

Prohibition Peach Schnapps

Last weekend I started a Prohibition Peach Schnapps home brew. A bit different from the usual home brew I make but should be fun. It should work out to be in the region of 20% ABV liqueur and makes 6 wine bottles.  Prohibition has a good range to choose from, I chose the Peach Schnapps as it should be easy to drink even if doesn’t quite come off. I’ve seen a few reviews and the Prohibition Peach Schnapps seem to do well unlike the Prohibition Whiskey, where the reviewer suggested that it wasn’t good to drink but would be ok in a mixer. The cost of the Peach Schnapps was £12.45 from the good guys at Brew Genie (I need an affiliate link!).

The extra kit I needed to buy were a 5 litre demijohn, 6 wine bottles, 1.6 kilograms of white granulated sugar (I had to double check the amount after doing beer kits which are generally 1kg!) and cork bottle tops for this experiment. About another £12 for the overall cost, but all apart from the sugar can be reused.

Prohibition Peach Schnapps Liqueur Process Part 1

The instructions to set up were fairly straight forward, like beer, make sure everything is sterilised.

  1. Calibrate the fermenter by accurately adding 4.7 litres of water and marking the level.
  2. Add 2 litres of cold water
  3. Mix 1600 grams of sugar in 1 litre of boiling water and add to the demijohn
  4. Add the Sucrose and Citric sachet
  5. Then shake!
  6. Add the yeast to a cup of warm water (35-40 degrees) leave for 10 minutes before adding cold water carefully, then add to the demijohn.
  7. Add the yeast nutrient to the demijohn
  8. Top up to the 4.7 litre mark
  9. Fit the airlock, like beer with half filled with water
  10. Wait 2-3 weeks for it to ferment.
To get 20% alcohol you need to keep the temperature at a constant temperature between 18-22 degrees. Heaters aren’t recommended unless they’re controlled by a thermostat.

A few images of the Prohibition Peach Schnapps home brew process are below, quite surprised that it looks like milk but not sure what I was expecting. Within a couple of hours of fitting the airlock the bubbles were appearing and after 1 day it was going a bit mad with constant bubbling.

Updates will follow when I move onto stage 2 in a couple of weeks.

Prohibition Peach Schnapps box
Prohibition Peach Schnapps box


Prohibition Peach Schnapps yeast and flavourings
Prohibition Peach Schnapps yeast and flavourings
Prohibition Peach Schnapps set up
Prohibition Peach Schnapps set up
Prohibition Peach Schnapps after 1 week
Prohibition Peach Schnapps after 1 week