Wilko Sweet Newkie Brown and Coopers English Bitter Mix

Wilko Sweet Newkie Brown

My latest home brewing experiment has involved 2 kits that were going out of date. I’m not sure the impact of out of date beer kits, I imagine they would last a lot longer than the date stamped on the bottom of the can like most food stuffs.

My idea was to combine both kits in the fermenting bucket, add 1kg of sugar and about 20 litres of water. I did this last weekend and the fermenting has been working well with the airlock making plenty of noise from the gases being made. I’ve never combined 2 kits before, usually its too expensive to do, but I got these kits cheap from Wilko’s in the sale last year so thought it would be an ideal opportunity and if it turns out like something I coopers english bitter kitmade in my bath tub I’ve not lost much.

I hope to bottle the beer next weekend and should get an idea of how it will taste and will report back.












Half Price Home Brew at Wilkinson’s

Just popped into Wilkinson’s for some steriliser and found that all of their home brew stock is half price. The offer is online and in all stores. There seems to be no end date just a maximum of 6 of the same product person. So I’m not sure they’re just pushing the home brew or have decided to stop selling it and get rid of it. There wasn’t many beer kits left but a lot of wine kits in the Wilkinson’s I went to in Canely, Coventry.

So I came home with:

More than I expected to pay but still great value!


Wilkinsons half price home brew

Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Recipe

Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown beer kitThanks to Baz who commented on my blog over the weekend for his reciepe with the Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown beer kit. Its hidden on the comments on my Newkie Brown post so I thought I’d make it more prominent on the site by turning it into a post on its own as it sounds like a great beer.


Brew for 7 days at 20c

2 oz brew sugar in barrel warm for 2 days

Stand 7 days for 5.2abv


In Summary:

[schema type=”recipe” name=”Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Recipe” author=”Baz” pubdate=”2013-01-13″ ingrt_1=”Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown beer kit” ingrt_2=”1kg brew sugar” ingrt_3=”500 grams dark spraymalt” ingrt_4=”Extra half teaspoon brewers yeast from Wilkinson’s” ingrt_5=”2 oz brew sugar in barrel ” instructions=”Brew for 7 days at 20c 2 oz brew sugar in barrel warm for 2 days Stand 7 days for 5.2abv” ]




Home Brew Beer with Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips

I brewed the Wilko’s Newcy Brown Ale Kit with dark sugar and it seemed to go well. Once the fermentation was over I thought I would try experimenting with some Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips to give the beer a oak/whiskey flavour.

I read plenty of forum posts of people who have done this successfully and not so successfully in their opinion. My main concern was how I would clean the wood chips, I read many methods from just chucking in the wood chips to steaming them. I opted for soaking the chips in bourbon, hoping the alcohol cleaned the wood chips and give the beer a bit of a kick.

I used 2oz of wood chips, from what I read people recommended using no more than 4oz. The wood chips were wrapped in a muslin bad and dropped in the fermentation bucket for 7 days then bottled. The forum research I did was people adding the wood chips in the keg as part of the secondary fermentation, I wanted to bottle this brew so I just dropped the wood chips in the fermenting bucket.

The beer has been in the bottles for 2 weeks now and tastes great, you can certainly taste the oak flavour that you get in commercial beers – the picture isn’t great but thats the Wilko’s Newcy Brown Ale Kit with Jack Daniels Wood Smoking Chips! Hopefully the beer will get better with time and taste even better and something I would do again. The colour of the beer is really dark, almost like the Cooper’s dark stout I have previously done.

The downside is that I can’t really comment on the outcome of the new Wilkinson’s beer kits.

Next time I might use more wood chips and leave them in the fermenting bucket for longer.

Wilkinson's Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

I couldn’t resist the new Wilkinson’s beer kits, so this weekend I started the Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit. For only £10 they’re well worth a go. I’m not following the instructions given with the kit but I thought I would try a similar recipe to the Scotch Ale I did earlier on this year as that has worked out really well.

The instructions on the kit were really simple and straightforward with nice little diagrams, perfect for someone who is starting out. My first kit was a Youngs beer kit that was ok but the instructions weren’t clear at all, a bit of guess work was needed at some points for a complete novice. Now its much easier after doing many kits but nice to see simple instructions.

I used:

  • Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit
  • 500g Spray Malt Dark
  • 500g Dark Brown Sugar

Within a few hours the bubbles and froth started to appear in the bucket, I hope this is a good sign!