Coopers Pilsener with Honey

Coopers Pilsener with Honey

Last weekend I got another home brew experiment on the go, this time I’m using a Coopers Pilsener kit from Coopers Heritage range of kits. I’ve never done this kit before, I tend to stay away from larger style kits as I prefer ale.

To add something different to the beer I’ve opted to add a jar of honey into the mix. I decided to go for some upmarket honey rather than any value/own brand honey. I ended with a 325 gram jar of Australian Blossom honey from Waitrose.

The sugar used was just a kilogram of silver spoon white sugar.

All the ingredients were added into the fermentation bucket at the same time and mixed thoroughly. The bucket was filled up to 23 litres.

There has been 1 week of fermentation with good weather which has meant there has been lots of activity and gas being produced coming through the airlock. The brew is very light coloured in the bucket so far. In the initial parts of the fermentation you could see the honey suspended in the bucked but this has now disappeared.

I’ll bottle it next weekend.

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