Coopers Stout with Cinnamon

I’ve just started a Coopers Stout with Cinnamon.  I’ve done the Coopers Stout a couple of times now with great results each time, this time I’ve thrown in about 2 and a half teaspoons of cinnamon. I haven’t been scientific with the measurements, just thrown it in at the same time as the sugar and the contents of the can. Not sure how this will turn out but thought it might be good for Christmas.

I’ve used 1 kilogram of white granulated sugar with this brew. The Stout will make 23 Litres (40 pints).

After one day the fermenting bucket is bubbling away nicely, there’s been lots of froth already. I’ll bottle it in a couple of weeks.

Below are pictures of the Coopers Stout with Cinnamon:

Coopers Stout with Cinnamoncoopers stoutcoopers stout

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