Festival Beer Kits

festival beer kitsI received one of the new Festival Beer Kits for Christmas made by Ritchie Products. Really looking forward to starting the kit as each kit contains 3kgs of Malt Extract, brewers yeast that matches the beer and a sachet of hop pellets. This will be the first time I’ve used hop pellets so should be fun.

There are 6 types of Festival Beer Kits and are priced around £24 depending on where you shop.

  • Festival Premium Father Hooks
  • Festival Premium Golden Stag
  • Festival Premium Landlords Finest
  • Festival Premium Old Suffolk Strong Ale
  • Festival Premium Pilgrims Hope
  • Festival Premium Pride of London Porter

There’s not much on the official Richies website but an image about the kits.


[schema type=”product” name=”Festival Premium Father Hooks” brand=”Festival” manfu=”Richies” price=”$24.00″ condition=”New” ]

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