Coopers Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer Troubles!

A few weeks ago I brewed a Coopers Ginger beer in hope that it would be ready for summer. During the brewing process I think I forgot to wash out the steriliser from the fermentation bucket, I was daydreaming as I’ve done this process so many times now!

So I let the ginger beer sit in the living room for a few weeks and it has been fermenting. Judging by the bottom of the fermentation bucket it looks like the yeast has been busy. It was time to start the secondary fermentation.

To save a few hours of sterilising bottles and equipment I transferred the ginger beer in to a keg, not something I like to do as it becomes far too easy to access the beer! I keep my beer in the shed which keeps it out of sign, out of mind!

I did some research online and  I found that if you don’t wash out the steriliser with cold water it may kill the yeast. It seems to depend on which steriliser you use though. I was using Richies steriliser bought from Wilkinsons. So far my batch of ginger beer looks ok, I may have even washed out it and it will be fine, who knows.

If anyone has had a similar experience with forgetting to wash off the steriliser from buckets and equipment please post a comment.


6 thoughts on “Ginger Beer Troubles!

    1. Hi Jed,

      The brew was fine, I’m still alive! Must of washed out the steriliser, I’ve done the process so many times I must have been on auto-pilot!


  1. Looking back I can see you have done quite a few different brews. Overall, which beer kit or brand would you recommend to others, irrespective of beer styles, if that’s possible?

    1. I like the Cooper’s kits, in particular the Brewmaster series, and would recommend them. My favourite so far has been the Scotch Ale recipe ( using Coopers Sparkling Ale Premium Selection, 500 grams Dark Brown Sugar and Coopers Amber Malt Extract.

      The Brewferm kits are good, although they are a bit more expensive, don’t make as much beer and need a long time in secondary fermentation, they are very nice, but I do like Belgium beer and most likely biased! I’ve just done a Grand Cru and that is great.

        1. No, I just used the yeast that came with the kit. I haven’t played around with yeasts, I just use what comes with the kits.

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