Home Brew Beer is flat – What to do…

This weekend it will have been 4 weeks since I bottled my Blushing Blonde and Woodfordes Wherry brews. I tried both last week, 3 weeks since bottling, and both home brew beer kits were flat, but still very drinkable.

After I bottled both the kits I straight away stuck the beer down in the shed at the bottom of the garden in the beer bottle boxes I have. The weather hasn’t been great lately (a typical English Spring with lots of rain!) which couldn’t have helped in the secondary fermentation.

The Blushing Blonde went into Coopers PET bottles and the Wherry went into glass swing top bottles, but this shouldn’t affect any secondary fermentation.

After reading some forums, and the instructions of the kits it does recommend to keep the bottles warm for a week or so. So last week I brought both batches up to the house and wrapped them in 2 blankets to keep them warm and put them near a radiator, hopefully, this has done the trick, but we’ll find out this weekend or next.

Another suggestion I found was that the bottles needed to be left longer, I guess I could be too impatient!

If you have any ideas on why my home brew beer is flat then please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Home Brew Beer is flat – What to do…

  1. Without stating the obvious, but did you prime your beer when bottling it? This is probably the most stupid statement ever, but in case you hadn’t, it’s the most obvious answer.

    1. thanks for your comment. I did prime the beer, the problem was just a lack of patience, leaving the beer a couple more weeks and it was perfect!

  2. To get my bottled beer going I put the bottles into a heated cupboard at the top of our stairs. It’s probably an old broom and blanket cupboard or something, in which I’ve added shelving. I have holes drilled in the shelves so that a little of the rising heat gets to each bottle placed over a hole. At the bottom I have a tubular greenhouse heater (Google ‘Tubular Greenhouse Heater’ -under £20) which costs about the same as a light bulb to run. In fact I used to use a small bedside type lamp with a low wattage bulb -you’d be surprised how hot it can get in there off just a light bulb! Run this for 2 or 3 days to get the residual yeast going again, and then turn off the heater. So long as I don’t put the bottles somewhere COLD they’ll condition nicely over the next three weeks or so. Then they go somewhere cool to settle and mature. If the cupboard’s full, then, like mentioned in here, i’ll put blanket covered crates next to radiators -anything to get the yeast going again!

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