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Living near Coventry I’ve been struggling for a local home brew shop, Wilkos is ok for bits but the quality of kits they stock aren’t the best or the most exciting!  I had been travelling over to BrewGenie in Hall Green but wondering in Coventry’s historic market I stumbled upon Brewer Bill’s stall.  Bill stocks a good variety of kits and equipment including Brewferm and Coopers, but doesn’t have much stuff on display and is a tad more expensive than other home brew shops, but I’m happy to find a local home brew shop on my doorstep.

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  1. I broke my hydrometer this morning when tidying up the kitchen. But I have another fermenting bin on the go and it needs testing.

    I’ve only just moved to Coventry and I have no idea where the nearest brew shops are … until my wife did a search and found your blog!

    I’m off to Coventry market tomorrow to find Brewer Bill.

    Thanks for blogging.

    1. Hope you found Brewer Bill, its quite well hidden in Coventry Market! Also Wilkinsons in city centre and at Canley have home brew equipment, the kits they supply aren’t too exciting.


  2. I have to make a stand in favour of Wilkos. I’ve made a Woodforde’s Wherry from a kit from Canley Wilko and can confirm that it is excellent. It’s expensive at £15 a time but the results make the outlay worthwhile. I’m doing another one for Christmas.

  3. I second Mark’s comment that Brewer Bill can be a bit hard to find – I sometime have to walk most of the way round the market before I find him. Definitely worth going to though. He stocks a wide range of things, sometimes for a few pence more than Wilkos, but you are paying for knowledgeable and helpful service.

  4. Hi Mike, I certainly would prefer my money going to brewer bill than wilkos!

    Hi Alex, I got a Woodforde’s kit for Christmas, looking forward to getting it going ready for the World Cup!

    1. Hi Gregg, I’m not sure if he does as I’m not at that level of home brewing. I have a vague memory of there being grains but I may be wrong. I shall look out the next time I’m there in a week or 2.


    2. Hi,

      I popped into Brewer Bills at the weekend and there was a small selection of hops and grains on sale. Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks Mark,

    I might try giving him a call and see..

    I’ve only made a couple of small batches (11Litres) using grains.. i would like to try extract but they all seem to be geared towards 25litre runs.. Does anyone know if you can freeze extract?

    I’ve only got 24 Grolsch bottles and 1 1.5litre magnum bottle which limits the amount i can brew at the moment.. think i’m gonna try and brew a zesty wheat beer next.. giving up drinking while my Mrs is pregnant so this will be a nice way to break my fast.

    Thanks again for the reply,


    1. Hi Mark,

      Many thanks for checking.. i ended up ordering online as i needed some special bit for a wheat beer i’m brewing.

      Incase you fancy trying all grain anytime soon tesco direct have 27litre thermos coolboxes for £8.00.

      Cost me another £16 quid worth of copper pipe and and joints, ball vavle tap, and washers to turn it in to a Mash Tun. similar to this:


      I’ve doing my mashing in a big stock pot on a protable electric hob which was near impossable to maintain a steedy temp… will let you know how this contraption i’ve made works (testing this weekend).


  6. Is Brewer Bill still trading?
    The last time I popped in to Cov Market he was closed up.

    Titus Andronicus d’Uxass

    1. Thanks for update. I went to the market at Easter and couldn’t see Brewer Bill, I just assumed that he was having the Easter weekend off. I haven’t been back since.

    2. Hi,

      Brewer Bill is still trading! I went to Coventry Market last weekend and he was there with a full stall.


      1. To save people wasted journeys, I think Brewer Bill is closed all day Monday, and Cov Market is closed half day Thursday afternoons.

  7. Brewer Bill is still in the market alive and kicking. Visited him today looking for more seasoned advice about brewing home brew. Always very knowledgable and has the time to talk and share his views and opinions. Has a very extensive range of beer kits including Woodfords which I have myself brewed many times and it’s a class act certainly worth a try. The kit is complete and doesn’t require any additional ingredients. This time round just picked his brains around adding additional CO2 to beer which just needs a little kick to make it sparkling. Overall a really nice man who if you are considering home brewing is a must visit. Long may he reign

  8. Hi, I just discovered that Bill passed away on March. I kept finding the stall closed & thinking I had missed him!
    AFAIK noone is taking on the business.

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