Home Brew Shops

The following are home brew shops I’ve used and can recommend visiting or checking out their online shop (in alphabetical order):

Here is a list of other home brew shops based in the UK that look good but I haven’t personally used:

If you have a shop that should feature here please contact me with the details.

6 thoughts on “Home Brew Shops

  1. iam intrested in doing a woodfordes brew as ive heard good reports about their products but like you said, it needs to mature to get the best taste,i made a milestone dasher the flasher xmas ale and tasted it a couple of weeks after secondery fermentation it was a bit strange in taste so i left it from september 2012 till may 2013 till i tasted it again and what a difference time makes it was greatly improved and taste was like a hoppy ale from a pub with creamy head and tiny gas bubbles rising from the bottom 5 pints later i wanted more so i had 2 pints of wilkinsons sweet newkie brown made with dark brown sugar this was also very nice when left to age.its great your sharing your hobby with other homebrewers so cheers and happy homebrewing.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your message. The Woodfordes range is great, I would recommend them. This weekend I had a 2 year old Brewferm Diablo and it was very good!

      I’ve just been to Wilkos and all home brew is half price so I would definitely go down to the shop or go online and stock up!

  2. Hiya again Mark,
    Sorry for the continual questioning!
    What kit, from what you have brewed so far, would you recommend for having a really quick turnaround?
    Thanks again,

    1. No problem! I would go for one of the standard Cooper’s kits like the Stout, Dark Ale, Canadian Blonde or Lager. Most of them you can get in Wilkos.

  3. I have been looking on line but all I get is plugs our Tesco shop at stair foot Barnsley does not sell any and the shop at wath does not sell any

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