Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 2

The Prohibition Peach Schnapps has been in the glass demijohn for 3 weeks today, the bubbling has well and truly finished so it was time to move on to part 2 of the process. This involves charcoal and stabilizer.

The first step was to syphon out the Prohibition Peach Schnapps from the demijohn to a clean container, I used one of my beer brewing fermentation buckets. You need to leave the sediment in the demijohn and take as much liquid as possible. Syphon the Schnapps back into the demijohn.

Once the Prohibition Peach Schnapps is back in the demijohn you need to add the charcoal and stabilizer. Make sure you shake the charcoal in the packet as much as possible so there are no lumps. Once you’ve done this add it to the demijohn.  I used a funnel to add the charcoal which worked well. It can be awkward to get the charcoal out of the packet and into the demijohn.

Once the charcoal is in add the stabilizer. It would have been easier if I didn’t use the funnel for this.

Once you’ve done this, put the bung back in the demijohn and thats it! You will need to shake the demijohn on 6 separate times over the next 3 days before its time for part 3 of the process. A fairly easy process, just make sure everything is clean!

Here is a picture of the Prohibition Peach Schnapps just after part 2, it just looks grey!

Prohibition Peach Schnapps Part 2

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