Scotch Ale – Using Coopers Sparkling Ale, Dark Brown Sugar and Amber Malt Extract

I started a Scotch Ale that was recommended on the Coopers home brew website. For this brew I used

  • Coopers Sparkling Ale Premium Selection – from Brew Genie
  • 500 grams Dark Brown Sugar – from Waitrose
  • Amber Malt Extract – from Brew Genie

All 3 items came in in at just over £20, not too bad if it works and makes 40 pints, about 50p a pint.

I added all the items into the clean fermentation bucket with 2 litres of hot water and mixed.

I filled the fermentation bucket up to the 21 litre mark and added the yeast that came with the kit.

Commercial yeast was recommended on the website but the yeast that comes with the kit is good enough for me.

I’ll be bottling this kit 2 weeks, will post some results up then. I have done the Sparkling Ale kit before and followed the instructions on the can, the results weren’t great as it was very flat and not sparkling, it still got drunk though!

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