Blushing Blonde home brew

Blushing Blonde – The Results

The Blushing Blonde home brew I did at the start of the summer has been ready for a few weeks now but I haven’t got around to posting on the blog. The result is a nice refreshing beer and a recipe I would do again.

As you can see from the picture there isn’t much head in the beer but it’s still quite fizzy. It tastes really good and you can taste the berries, it gives the Canadian beer kit a kick. I have heard some people call this kit a bit bland.

There are bits floating in the beer which I assume have come from the berries but you can’t taste them and they don’t make you ill! I might have left the beer and berries in the bucket too long before bottling.

I would so this again but I think I made a mistake using mixed frozen berries, I think next time I would stick to one type of berry to give it a more distinctive taste. I probably would change the kit too, maybe do it again with a Coopers Mexican kit or a Pilsner kit.

What I do like, but unrelated to the beer, is the Coopers PET bottles I used with this brew. They’re smaller than the normal glass bottles but a good size for a drink in the evening.