Peach Schnapps Home Brew – Results

Here is the the final result of the Peach Schnapps, the kit made about 6 wine bottles in the end, I half filled some bottles so I could give a couple of bottles to friends.

The taste is very sweet and takes a lot like peach schanpps you could buy in your local supermarket, although not quite as nice and definitely not as alcoholic. I’d certainly do this kit again, but with the range that is produced by Prohibition I’ll try some other kits before coming back to this one.

The last process was fairly straight forward, I cleaned my equipment and used a large bucket –

  • Moved the liquid from the demijohn to the fermenting bucket
  • Added 500 grams of sugar
  • Added the peach schnapps flavouring
  • Syphoned the peach schnapps into the wine bottles

peach schnapps bottled