caramel stout

Caramel Stout

Brewing season is back! I have a few beer kits I picked up cheap during a Wilkinson’s sales and thought I would try an experiment with some caramel syrup bought from Costa Coffee. The beer kit was bought for £5 so if its a disaster of a brew its not been a huge was of money!


  • Coopers Stout
  • 1kg Sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of Le Sirop de Monin Caramel

STEP 1: Mix

I mixed the Stout, sugar and Caramel with 2 litres of boiling as described by the instructions and filled the fermentation buck up with cold water to the 23 litre mark.

STEP 2: Brew
I’m leaving the brew in the fermentation bucket for about 2 weeks with the brewbelt keeping it warm and hopefully at 21°C.  I might add some more Le Sirop de Monin Caramel when the froth has stopped being produced.

I’ll post the results in a couple of weeks when I bottle the beer.

Coopers Stout with Cinnamon – Bottling It

This weekend I bottled my Coopers Stout with a dash of Cinnamon after 2 weeks in the fermenting bucket. The bubbling had stopped and the sediment at the bottom of the bucket was quite substantial. I’m lazy and don’t take hydrometer readings!

I made 36 bottles, but could have squeezed another 4 or so bottles out. I only sterilsed 36 bottles.

I added one teaspoon of white granulated sugar into each bottle.

I’ll now leave the bottles for a few weeks in the shed, hopefully it’ll be a good winter beer!

Here’s a picture of the Coopers Stout as I was bottling:

Coopers Stout with Cinnamon Bottling
Coopers Stout with Cinnamon Bottling

Coopers Stout with Cinnamon

I’ve just started a Coopers Stout with Cinnamon.  I’ve done the Coopers Stout a couple of times now with great results each time, this time I’ve thrown in about 2 and a half teaspoons of cinnamon. I haven’t been scientific with the measurements, just thrown it in at the same time as the sugar and the contents of the can. Not sure how this will turn out but thought it might be good for Christmas.

I’ve used 1 kilogram of white granulated sugar with this brew. The Stout will make 23 Litres (40 pints).

After one day the fermenting bucket is bubbling away nicely, there’s been lots of froth already. I’ll bottle it in a couple of weeks.

Below are pictures of the Coopers Stout with Cinnamon:

Coopers Stout with Cinnamoncoopers stoutcoopers stout