Wilko Sweet Newkie Brown and Coopers English Bitter Mix

Wilko Sweet Newkie Brown

My latest home brewing experiment has involved 2 kits that were going out of date. I’m not sure the impact of out of date beer kits, I imagine they would last a lot longer than the date stamped on the bottom of the can like most food stuffs.

My idea was to combine both kits in the fermenting bucket, add 1kg of sugar and about 20 litres of water. I did this last weekend and the fermenting has been working well with the airlock making plenty of noise from the gases being made. I’ve never combined 2 kits before, usually its too expensive to do, but I got these kits cheap from Wilko’s in the sale last year so thought it would be an ideal opportunity and if it turns out like something I coopers english bitter kitmade in my bath tub I’ve not lost much.

I hope to bottle the beer next weekend and should get an idea of how it will taste and will report back.












Half Price Home Brew at Wilkinson’s

Just popped into Wilkinson’s for some steriliser and found that all of their home brew stock is half price. The offer is online and in all stores. There seems to be no end date just a maximum of 6 of the same product person. So I’m not sure they’re just pushing the home brew or have decided to stop selling it and get rid of it. There wasn’t many beer kits left but a lot of wine kits in the Wilkinson’s I went to in Canely, Coventry.

So I came home with:

More than I expected to pay but still great value!


Wilkinsons half price home brew

Wilkinson's Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

I couldn’t resist the new Wilkinson’s beer kits, so this weekend I started the Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit. For only £10 they’re well worth a go. I’m not following the instructions given with the kit but I thought I would try a similar recipe to the Scotch Ale I did earlier on this year as that has worked out really well.

The instructions on the kit were really simple and straightforward with nice little diagrams, perfect for someone who is starting out. My first kit was a Youngs beer kit that was ok but the instructions weren’t clear at all, a bit of guess work was needed at some points for a complete novice. Now its much easier after doing many kits but nice to see simple instructions.

I used:

  • Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit
  • 500g Spray Malt Dark
  • 500g Dark Brown Sugar

Within a few hours the bubbles and froth started to appear in the bucket, I hope this is a good sign!

Wilkinsons Home Brew Range Increases

Wilkinsons Home BrewWilkinson now have their own home brew range, from their own beer kits to sugar and more, they have more than doubled the range they sell in the shops and online (www.wilko.com). The prices are good too and I’m keen to try the kits, I might start this weekend if I have enough empty bottles.

Wilkinsons Home Brew Kits

The new Wilkinsons Home Brew beer kit range (only £10 each) includes:

  • Hoppy Copper Bitter
  • Light Golden Lager
  • Sweet Newkie Brown
  • Light Delicate Pilsner
  • Refreshing Cerveza

and 3 premium ales – £22 each:

  • Golden ale
  • Real ale
  • Best bitter
I never done a cider (£14 each) but they have:
  • Apple cider
  • Forest fruits cidar
  • Pear cidar
The wine range is quite extensive and ranges from 6 bottle kits to 30 bottle kits in red, white, rose and more fruity varieties.

Overall I think this is great for my home brewing, especially with there being a Wilkos shop near me. The increase in the Wilkinsons Home Brew basics range such as sugar, bottles, caps and yeast will be really useful. You can order the same range online and either have it delivered to your door or pick up you order at the store for free.

Above  is a quick picture of the new range, it’s a poor quality picture as they were lots of people about but you can see the new kits on the shelf.