Wilkinson's Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

I couldn’t resist the new Wilkinson’s beer kits, so this weekend I started the Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit. For only £10 they’re well worth a go. I’m not following the instructions given with the kit but I thought I would try a similar recipe to the Scotch Ale I did earlier on this year as that has worked out really well.

The instructions on the kit were really simple and straightforward with nice little diagrams, perfect for someone who is starting out. My first kit was a Youngs beer kit that was ok but the instructions weren’t clear at all, a bit of guess work was needed at some points for a complete novice. Now its much easier after doing many kits but nice to see simple instructions.

I used:

  • Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit
  • 500g Spray Malt Dark
  • 500g Dark Brown Sugar

Within a few hours the bubbles and froth started to appear in the bucket, I hope this is a good sign!

11 thoughts on “Wilkinson’s Sweet Newkie Brown Beer Kit

      1. Just made some of this with the free bag of brewing sugar they were giving away as a special offer. Let it ferment for 2 weeks and then primed in bottles. Now been about 3 weeks and it tastes great. Smooth, subtle flavour. Keeps a really good head all the way to the bottom. For £10 this is an absolute bargain. Will be buying some more of these and trying spray malt and brown sugar as others have tried. A thoroughly recommended kit.

        1. Thanks for your comment. I’m certainly going to work my way through the Wilko’s range this year. My Wilkinsons brews have had good reviews from friends who Ive given a bottle to.

  1. Just brewed newkie
    1kg brew sugar
    500grams dark spraymalt
    extra half teaspoon brewers yeast [wilkos]
    7 days at 20c
    2 oz brew sugar in barrel warm for 2 days
    stand 7 days
    the best

  2. How did the your newkie brown recipe turn out with the spray malt and brown sugar thinking of trying your method any tips ? Cheers gaz

    1. Hi Gaz,

      The newkie brown turned out ok, there’s none left now! It wasn’t as nice as the similar Cooper’s Scotch brew. I don’t have any tips in particular for this brew, like most home brew it got better with age.

  3. just brewed the wilcos sweet newkie brown ale costing under £8 for a 40 pint kit I only did around 35 pints short brewing for extra ABV, within a few hours the babbler blew off the ferment bin I replaced with a fresh one that blew out along with loads of brown mucky froth, I added the yeast pack that came with the kit but not a fan of cheap kits so added more yeast of my own along with extra white granulated sugar around three pounds in total, the brew stopped bubbling in around six days I bottled half around 24 bottles and pressurize barreled the rest the bottles were placed in the fridge after two days of room temp three days later I tried a bottle and could not believe the finish in such a short time I was so impressed I have ordered a small pallet of the kit, I love this one and it,s so easy to follow the instructions, this should be up there with the best most expensive kits as it’s just simply the dogs [email protected]*s.

  4. Just done this as a two can jobbie with 1kg of B.E. brewed to 23ltrs with bottled water , went of like a rocket with an og of 1054 and finished a week later at 1015 so around 5.7ish must say its a cracking drink that i would gladly drink straight out the fv lol ( i didnt though) been a week in the bottle and just moved to cold for further conditioning . Planning to do this again next week with maybe an extra 500g of medium spray malt added and brewed to 30ltrs , going to be replacing the kit yeast with the wilkos gervin ale yeast as i think it,ll be a bit better

  5. Im really excited for my Newkie Brown to be ready!

    I’ve done 23ltres/40pints.
    1 can of Newkie Brown
    1kg of muntons beer enhancer.
    1kg of ordinary granulated sugar.
    Fermention time I took was 12 days, although fermention actually completed in 4 or 5 days I wanted to give it that bit extra time to sit. I think it was worth it.

    It’s only my second brew, so I’m still quite inexperienced. Actually made a mistake by adding both the enhancer and sugar, as I didn’t realise that the enhancer was a sub for sugar. But I took a taste earlier on and it’s actually a really good drink full flavour, nice dark red colour, very clear as I added enough fining for 80 pints, due to one not being enough when I brewed my lager back in August. I stuck it in the barrel 2 days ago and don’t plan to have a pint of it till Christmas Eve. Not even going to have a taster till then. My sneaky taste earlier pretty much confirmed its going to be nice. I hope it’s roughly around 5.2%. If for some reason it does fail, I’ll have my Scottish export sitting beside it so all hope isn’t lost for my Christmas beers!

    Just a quick question too… which do you guys prefer to get the fizz in your drinks? I just use sugar to fizz it. Are carbonation drops any good instead?

    1. Hello Brian,

      Sorry for the late reply, been busy with a new house. Now I can get back into the brewing. How did the Newkie Brown go? I always leave it 14 days to ferment mainly because I don’t have time during the week to bottle the beer.

      I did use the Cooper’s carbonation drops a couple of times (http://www.the-home-brew-shop.co.uk/acatalog/Coopers_Carbonation_Drops.html), I didn’t notice much difference in the beer but it made it much easier just dropping a drop into the bottle rather than sugar. But as I got more experienced I just used sugar and didn’t really measure it out just means you may get the odd lively bottle of beer!

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